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Yes... Even You Need a Coach!

Posted by Partners Advantage on Wed, May 29, 2019 @ 01:36 PM

We hear it all the time from good insurance producers, they say, "I'm pretty successful, so why in the world would I ever need a coach?"  Well, consider one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on the court, Michael Jordan.  This legendary player accomplished so much in his time in the NBA, that very few would argue he wasn't "good." In fact, I argue he was the greatest all-around player the game has ever seen, but that's another discussion entirely.


Even the Best Need Coaching

What very few people remember (other than those who lived in Chicago during that time) is that in his first few years in the league, Jordan was playing good basketball, but the team was struggling. Then in 1989, coach Phil Jackson accepted the position of head coach. He knew he had a star player on his team, someone with the potential and ability to do great things. He also knew that by nurturing the entire team, as opposed to just focusing solely on the team's star, it would make a huge difference.

Under Phil Jackson's leadership, he led the team to win six NBA titles. Everyone agrees, Jordan obviously had the talent to play great basketball, but it was Phil Jackson's coaching that took them to greatness. As an insurance producer, you should consider working with an individual that plays the role of a coach or guide to help you elevate your business if you want to reach even higher levels of success. But don't pick just any coach. You need an individual that's actually helped insurance producers and has a track record of success.

Are You Leveraging Your Available Resources?

Often times, financial professionals will work with a few Insurance Marketing Organizations, but they simply use them as a conduit to access product. While all marketing organizations provide access to products, the best ones look to help their insurance producers with the three biggest challenges they face; differentiating themselves from competitors, getting in front of more prospects and converting more of those prospects into clients. 

If you are an insurance producer looking to go from good to great, consider working with an insurance marketing organization that not only has the individuals on their team who can help coach and improve your business, they also have the resources that can transition your business from good to great. By having access to a trusted guide who knows the challenges and issues that most financial professionals face, you're literally working with someone who's  been there and done that ... often many times.

A new research paper from two University of Chicago public policy professors, “How Much Do Coaches Matter,”1 finds that coaches “explain about 20-30 percent of the variation in a team’s success.” While this study focused purely on the effect of coaches in professional and college sports, I'd argue that business coaches also contribute to a business' success. So, why aren't more financial professionals who are already good but looking for greatness, working with a coach?  Why aren't financial professionals who are struggling, asking for this type of help from the groups they work with?


Coaches Help Unleash Your Full Potential 

Perhaps you're a star already, but as a pure mental exercise, have you ever wondered if Michael Jordan and the Bulls would have won six NBA titles without Phil Jackson? Bottom line, by working with a coach, it will help unleash your full potential.  Have you ever wondered how much more successful you could be by working with a coach to help guide you to better results? You'll never know until you reach out and ask for assistance, or accept the assistance someone is willing to provide. 

We can help you keep your business thriving even in hard times with a comprehensive practice management strategy that includes branding, client acquisition and client experience. 

Reach out to a member of sales team today to see how we can best assist you as you serve your clients: 

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1 Source: Somers, Meredith. "Coaching Matters." MIT School of Management, 04 November 2019, https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/coaching-matters.