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How to Hit The Next Level in Your Financial Practice in 2020

Posted by Lori Fogle on Wed, Jan 15, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

We have unique views here at Partners Advantage when it comes to elevating and innovating your financial services and insurance practice. 

In order to make more money and maybe even work less hours doing what you love (helping people not just survive but thrive in retirement), you have to do things differently. However, that's not the way many of us were taught in this industry... 


We were told to make a list of our closest friends and relatives and pitch them. And from that point on, many financial professionals have had to constantly chase that next sale.

There are little to no strong, lasting client relationships built or high-quality referrals happening from this mindset. 

If you're looking to reach that next level in your financial practice... 

Maybe it's time for a New Year's resolution?

Many people are feeling inspired having just set their New Year's resolutions for 2020. They've made new income goals, new health goals, production goals, and overall life goals. 

It's easy to set those... but not so easy to follow through on them. 


So, maybe it's time to get some help and accountability to go next level on your goals. It IS a new decade after all -- what better time?! 

"The next level" is to create a process in your business. 

Because what got you here... won't get you there. 

How and why to change your process isn't always obvious, especially if you've never thought about your business having a repeatable process for repeatable results. 

When you want to achieve something you've never done before -- where do you turn? 

This question is why so many financial professionals stay stuck where they are, working harder and harder but not having more to show for it. What gives?!

The good news? We're here to help.

The not so great news? If you're not where you want to be yet in your business, your current "process" is broken. And sure, we could help you fix a broken process, but that's like slapping a band-aid on a broken leg and telling you to walk it off. That doesn't get to the root of the problem. 

What it takes is adopting a new identity as a financial professional.

Stick with me... 

A new identity leads to transformational change in life and business. You become the person who asks the right questions to get to the right answers, converts more of the leads they receive, and executes on a new strategy and makes it work for them. 

Your identity is characterized by your beliefs, habits, and actions. This determines what any of us can achieve. Your beliefs, habits, and actions are like a thermometer set to 68 degrees -- you'll never get beyond that because as soon as things start cookin' in your business, your belief-habit-actions thermometer cools you back down. 

So the only way to break out of your current level, is to reset the thermometer or in other words, change your beliefs, habits, and actions. 

This takes commitment. 

And we can help you get there. We know it's possible because we've seen it happen with other agents and advisors we work with. In fact, one took his combined AUM and AUA from $0 to $15 million in less than two years. 

Unfortunately, most financial professionals stay stuck at the surface level of the problem and just ask for more leads. But it's not about getting more leads (that's rarely the REAL problem)  -- that's actually the easy part. 

If you really want to see a change in  your business... 

Look deeper into the processes your business runs on. 

If you're committed to revolutionizing your business in 2020 and seeing better results than you have before, let's talk.

This call won't be for the tire kickers looking to pass some time, but those who are truly interested and invested in going the distance and seeing the payoff. 

Our intention is to help you get there. We've got our own 4-step process that can make a difference in your business, but it starts with you. 

On the call, we'll ask a few questions to drill down to see if we're a fit to work together. If not, that's ok. We'll part ways and you'll still be left with a deeper understanding of your business and where you stand (a tremendous value). 

Either way, as your established distribution partner, it's our mission to help you scale your business any way we can. 

A great place to start is seeing how you stack up against other financial professionals in the industry. You can do that here: 

How Do I Stack Up?

We look forward to working alongside you to achieve focus, growth, and transformation in your financial practice in 2020! 

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