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What You Should Know Before Requesting an Illustration

Posted by Partners Advantage on Tue, May 09, 2017 @ 05:01 PM

Case design and illustration requests are common daily events that Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) handle for advisors they work with. Many of the advisors we work with do a great job of fact finding during the first meeting with a client. Getting the facts and details up-front are extremely important for putting together a good, strong recommendation that can be presented during your next meeting.


Basic Information

The most common information any IMO will need when you are requesting an illustration is your prospect’s basic information. Age, premium amount, and the state business will be written in are all important to know.  One piece of information often times overlooked is the income start age. When we are designing an income case, we will need to know when your prospect wants to have their income start. For some, it could be right away, for others it could be several years down the road. 

Questions That Need Answers

Many advisors who are new to working with us will ask: "What are some questions you are going to ask me that I need to make sure I have the answers to before we start designing a case?"  We want to maximize the client’s premium dollars, meet their goals and address any concerns your clients have.  

Two questions we are always going to ask you at the beginning of the process are: “What is your client’s primary objective with this money?" and "What do they want to accomplish?”  It either comes down to an income need or simply just accumulation. Having the answer to those questions will determine the path we choose. There are many financial products on the market, and we want to help you recommend the right product to fit your client's needs.

It's Better to Know More

There is no such thing as having too much information when calling for assistance with case design and running illustrations. The better you know your client, the easier it is for your IMO to help you find products to address your client's goals and concerns. Our goal is to have one person’s best interest in mind when making a recommendation - your client, and being able to maximum their premium dollars. If your current IMO doesn't help you put your client's needs first, you may be working with the wrong company. 

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