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Welcome Clients with Skilled Front-Office Support

Posted by Kim Bruce on Wed, Oct 12, 2016 @ 05:01 PM

Your client's first visible or audible experience is typically with the front desk/receptionist and the reactions, behaviors, and attitudes of your front-office person create the first impression for your guest. This first impression creates an opinion that can either strengthen or degrade each relationship. Whether the interaction is over the phone or in person, it will set the tone for each experience. Make sure to welcome clients with skilled front-office support.


 What are the traits your front office personnel should possess?

  • Organization, confidence, and calmness translate into multiple talents that are vital to your company.

  • The front desk person should be efficient and conditioned to handle and balance the demands of managing the various roles they oversee and do it with a genuine smile.

  • He or she should have the ability to demonstrate name recall. Using a customer’s name during conversations makes them feel respected and appreciated.

  • They should have exceptional listening skills. Listening is paramount to effective communication. Not listening can result in communication breakdown and frustration. A good listener hears what is said, and perhaps even picks up what is unsaid.

  • Your front desk should know how to respond positively, giving even a negative response a positive twist. Attentiveness is crucial to handling any issue.

  • Calmness, a steady voice, and self-control are paramount in this position. Changing priorities, surprises, angry or confused customers, and multiple concurrent tasks all require the ability to keep cool.

  • Your front desk person should demonstrate clear communication, both verbally and in writing. This skill helps everyone avoid miscommunication, misunderstandings, and unwanted consequences. Using positive, persuasive, and concise language improves customer interactions.

  • This person must be willing to take responsibility for problems or negative experiences that may or may not be related to the job they do. They must be able to apologize sincerely on behalf of the company and be ready to do whatever it takes to make sure the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • If your front desk is helping you keep organized, they must be organized themselves and know how to set up filing systems, calendars, and contacts; and be able to access them at a moment’s notice. They should know your systems and be able to function through them quickly.

Your front desk staff is the information center, the face and the voice of your company. They are the first impression for customers and influence a client’s judgment of your business. Choose the right person for the image you want to convey for your company, and your clients will know they are in good hands. 

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