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How to Improve Your Financial Services Office with Technology

Posted by Steven Bieber on Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 05:42 PM

When you meet with clients, do you use any tools besides pen and paper? You and your clients can benefit from implementing new technology in your financial services office. Here are a few ways you can easily improve your office by using technology. 


Customized Welcome for Clients

One of the most important impressions your clients have is when they first walk into your office. Having front office support greeting your visitors is important, but you can further improve the client's first impression of your office by having a welcome sign that displays their name. One of the best ways to do this is by having a TV or computer monitor running a slideshow from PowerPoint or Keynote. The slides can easily be edited to include each client's name. The other slides can have pictures of you and your staff helping people in the community, promotional videos for your business, or photos that are branded. Guests should also be able to access the guest network of your wireless internet (WiFi) easily if they are waiting to meet with you.

Presenting in Style

If you're meeting in a conference room, you don't want your clients to be hovering over your shoulder in order to see your laptop screen. You also don't want to have to pivot a display back and forth to allow your clients to see what you have on screen. You should invest in a flat screen TV for your conference room, at least 40 inches, that you can share your computer or tablet's screen with. The screen needs to be large enough for your clients to easily read from where they are seated. If you use Mac computers, you can connect an Apple TV to your TV to share your computer or iPad screen. Some TV's have smart sharing technology built in to share your screen. If your laptop doesn't support wireless screen sharing and you have to use a physical cable to connect to your TV, make sure to keep cables to a minimum.

Get Rid of Wires and Cables

Your entire office should appear neat and organized. Clients do not want to see power cables running across the room and dangling down from TV screens. Have an electrician install outlets behind your TV so you can plug in your power cable and cover the plug by hanging the TV infront of it. You also don't want your clients tripping in your conference room if you have to use a cable to connect your laptop to your TV. Keep all of your cables neatly managed or hidden if possible to make your office look professional. 

Avoid Mixing Personal Devices with Business Devices

If you're sharing your tablet or computer's screen for a client to see in a meeting, you don't want them to see pictures of your favorite sports team or family photos. Those items are fine to decorate your desk, but during a presentation, you want your client focused on how your business can help them. Make sure all of your company devices have your company's logo as their wallpaper and screen saver image. Also avoid using your smart phone during presentations to demonstrate your professionalism.

Nuturing Clients Automatically

Technology can be just as helpful after clients and prospects leave your office. Automated nurturing sytems can manage fulfillment of your corporate materials, e-materials, staff reminders, follow-ups and direct communications right to your client. Automating your interactions can provide solutions for several other aspects of your business, like daily or repetitive tasks, important client milestones, and annual reviews. 

Smart Technology Can Malfunction

If you implement new technology, make sure you have a firm grasp of how to use it. Keep spare batteries or charging cables close by. Practice using the technology and have your presentations ready before your clients or prospects arrive. Your technology can freeze or stop working due to technical issues or user error. Make sure you have a backup plan in case your technology isn't cooperating during a meeting. You don't want to waste your time or your client's.

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