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Getting Your Prospect to Think About Longevity, and Longevity Calculators

Posted by Partners Advantage on Tue, Jan 30, 2018 @ 12:32 PM

How often do you search for a way to get the conversation with a prospect rolling on the right track, particularly taking the discussion into retirement planning territory? You can use the phrases below and the links provided to help shape a thought-provoking conversation and encourage your clients to spend a few minutes “predicting” how long they might live and what a potentially long life could mean.


Thought Provoking Statements

Since skillful fact finding can lead you to offer correct solutions, why not arm yourself with some thought provoking statements you can use while looking your prospect in the eye across that proverbial kitchen table? Statements like: 

“Let me ask you this. Do you come from a family that has a history of living into their eighties or nineties, or beyond?” 

“Has anyone in your family ever lived to age 100 or more?” 

“Do you have expectations of being the oldest living member in your family?” 

“If I asked you how many years you think you will live in retirement, what would you say?” 

And, conclude with this: 
“Would you be interested in checking out some fun websites that may help you estimate how many years you might continue to live?” 

Usually, the answer will be in the affirmative, so here are those websites – generic in nature – that you can share with clients to play that guessing game that everyone wants to know about but might be afraid to ask … what IS my longevity?


(click on the link or copy and paste to your browser)

Now that you’ve opened the door to get your prospect thinking about their longevity, you can move to a more comprehensive deep dive into their overall financial situation and talk about their levels of planning, and protection to make those years in the future as well planned as possible. This is where your Partners Advantage brokerage consultant can be your best friend, arming you with more comprehensive fact finders, prospecting programs, and marketing services. Learn more by visiting our website

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