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5 Important Things to Remember when Meeting with Prospects

Posted by Partners Advantage on Thu, Dec 29, 2016 @ 05:23 PM

There are several important things to remember when meeting with prospects. We could probably go on and on about what is important, but there are certain things we feel are most crucial to remember when meeting with prospects. We coach financial professionals on these processes on a daily basis which allows them to have more successful appointments and ultimately, more successful practices.


#1 Send Out a Pre-Discovery Meeting Packet 

What is the purpose of the pre-discovery meeting packet? It helps alleviate your prospects' anxieties, portrays you as a professional, and helps with the problem of cancelled appointments. The packet should contain a pre-appointment letter, your personal biography, your planning process and your firm's brochure. Many financial professionals do not have these pieces and do not send out anything prior to the appointment.

#2 Share a Copy of the Meeting Agenda 

Very few financial professionals have a formal agenda. An agenda shows your prospect that you respect their time, clarifies the purpose of your meeting and lets them know exactly what you will talk about together. There are many other benefits to having a written agenda for your prospects.

#3 Answer Any Questions Up-Front 

At the start of any meeting, it is important to answer any questions your prospect may have. Answering questions at the start of each meeting allows your prospect to relax and listen attentively to you. If you don't know the answer to a question, be honest and tell them you don't. Explain that you will do some research and get back to them with their answer. Set a time frame for your response so your prospects aren't waiting unnecessarily.

#4 Set Expectations 

Setting expectations shows your prospects exactly how things work in your office and what they can expect to happen during each meeting. In addition, by setting expectations, you will identify the types of prospects that fit into your business model, helping you filter out those who are unwilling to accept your process.

#5 Create the Ultimate Experience 

This is by far the most important and is what helps the most successful financial professionals stand out from their competition. It can be the smallest detail that make up the ultimate experience. Offer your prospect a drink from your menu, or tell them how your firm does business, or how your process works. Make them feel special. We coach financial professionals each and every day about creating the ultimate experience. Those who follow our coaching can have more success by implementing strategies that help create a better prospect experience.

But Most Importantly...

Our biggest bit of advice - don’t be a product pusher. Don't go into an appointment when you know little to nothing about your prospect's goals and show them an illustration about your favorite product. Develop and create a strategy that addresses each of their goals and present it to your prospect that way.

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