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Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2020

Posted by Lori Fogle on Wed, Dec 30, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

Well, it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

It feels like the rug was pulled out from under us.

But hopefully there were still some positives to come out of 2020 for you.

One being that you realize the significance of what you do every day. Planning for the unexpected and the protection products you help put in front of clients has never been more important. YOU and the work you do has never been more important.

For us, continuing to provide helpful content was just a small part of the service we hope we delivered to you this year.

Although we are anxiously looking forward to 2021 and everything we have planned to help you make it your best year yet, we like to take time to reflect on how we did.

And look back at what content resonated most with you.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Most-Read Posts of the Year. Did you miss any these? You can check them out below:

best_of_2020_72 (1)

After the SECURE Act became a law as of Jan. 1, 2020, we looked for the positives that might come from that and shared them in this post: What are the SECURE Act Opportunities?

Later that month, we followed it up with a post detailing the ability your clients still have to leave a legacy. Even without a Stretch IRA option: How to Help Clients Leave a Legacy (without a Stretch IRA).

Just prior to Zoom stock soaring and virtual meetings becoming the “new normal,” we thought it pertinent to update and share this post on how to use video effectively: Wow Your Prospects with Video: A How-To for Financial Professionals. We’ve always been a big proponent of using video, but as the year went on, it was on the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

Soon social distancing and wearing a mask became commonplace and most people tuned into the daily news to hear updates on the number of new cases and sadly, the deaths attributed to the virus. It may have caused many to gain perspective and even contemplate their own mortality. It certainly raised awareness of the need for life insurance. So, in this post we shared: How IUL Could Benefit Clients of Almost Any Age.

As we continued to push through the year, it felt important to turn to subjects other than the pandemic, like exploring the topic of Volatility Control Indices: Are They as Good as They Look?

And thinking about those clients still looking to retire this year and how we could help you help them with a post covering, How to Help Clients Fill the Social Security Income Gap.

This year was full of challenges, but we tried to find ways clients could use that to make smart decisions. Such as: when or if to convert to a Roth IRA and we asked, When Does a Roth IRA Make Sense?

We also turned to the field to find out how you were continuing to do business and discovering new ways to engage with your prospective clients. And we shared the story of one of the financial professionals we work with, Mike, who found a creative way to bring in new business: How Mike Turned 1-Minute Videos into First Appointments.

As we thought about the benefits of permanent life insurance beyond the obvious—a guaranteed, income tax-free death benefit—we felt it was critical to point out ways middle income families can use it. We covered this in depth in: Wealthy Family Secrets That Could Benefit Your Middle-Income Clients.

We continued to brainstorm ways you could help your clients plan for the unexpected and be as prepared as possible for another drop in the market. To help ensure their retirement lasted as long as possible, we brought sequence of returns risk into the spotlight with a simple explanation and illustration you could use with clients: Sequence of Returns Risk Simplified for Your Clients.


Gratitude & Hope were resounding themes this year and we're grateful you found value in the topics and content we shared. We hope that you continue to turn to Partners Advantage as a resource and support in helping you serve more families in phenomenal ways in the coming year.

Thanks for reading and thank you for all you do. That’s all for now!

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