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    IUL Prospecting Video for Social Media

    Posted by Partners Advantage on Tue, Mar 22, 2016 @ 08:07 AM

    With the proliferation of social media accounts, and their overall acceptance in the financial services marketplace, many producers wonder how to start the process of prospecting for IUL clients with Facebook or Twitter.  It really comes down to a few key elements:

    1. Start with a plan. This means you need to choose your social networks. Most financial professionals will typically select Facebook and Twitter to engage with clients and prospects, and also LinkedIn to connect with other professionals.
    2. Complete your profile.  Take the time needed to have a 100% complete profile ... it matters. This means having your branded graphics across all the social networks you use.
    3. Find your voice and tone. This means taking the time to describe your company's personality by using adjectives that clearly describe your company.  You want to determine how you want your users to feel (relief, pride, happiness ... or ... anxiety, fear, anticipation) when they engage with your profile.  Do you want to be professional and serious, or light and funny?  That's what it means to find your voice.
    4. Create amazing content.  This is one of the most important pieces, as well as one of the most difficult to master.  We're a visual society today, so it makes sense that photos and videos in your posts boost results, over just a text-based post.  The images need to correspond to the content you post, it's what gets your followers to stop and take notice.
    5. Develop a posting strategy.  There are the basic updates you can start with, links, images, quotes, reshares, and plain-text updates.  Create a 4:1 ratio for sharing, which means for every four "basic" updates, publish one different type for variety.

    This Free IUL Prospecting Video Sets Up the IUL Sale


    Many hard-working people today are setting aside money for retirement, but most of them may be making a huge mistake.  Not only are there major risks in the traditional retirement approach, what many people don't realize that it may not be the amount of money they're saving for retirement, but where they're saving it that matters most.

    This IUL Prospecting Video:

    • Is short and perfect for sharing on social media
    • Highlights the ticking tax time bomb in qualified plans
    • Encourages the prospect to look for a strategy with more benefits and less risk

    Today, more-and-more people save money in qualified 401(k) plans and they don't realize the ticking tax time bomb that these plans create.  If they only knew a better way ... and this video helps set the hook.

    We're giving you access to this amazing prospecting video you can use either to email to prospects or post to social media to drive interest in a better way to supplement their retirement savings.  Just click the button below to request your video.  


    Get the IUL Video


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