Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The PILLAR System: An Exclusive Practice Management and Seminar System

The PILLAR (Partners In Life, Long-term care And Retirement) System is an exclusive practice management, and seminar system created by Partners Advantage and reflecting dozens of years’ experience and countless hours in the field with leading agents.

The PILLAR System packages content that Partners Advantage subject matter experts have tested and provided to Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) level financial professionals throughout the years. The system brings all the content together to help financial professionals, who work directly with Partners Advantage, generate more consultative sales. This complete sales, marketing, and seminar system uses a secure online training platform that comprises different educational modules, tools and resources to enhance your learning. These tools help you shift your mindset from products to solutions, from sales to service, and from scarcity to growth.

The content that will be taught is divided into 6 different categories. Each of the categories is a different “PILLAR.” 

Using a secure online training platform the company refers to as The PILLAR System Playbook, a 24/7 “Online University” that houses numerous tools and resources, helps individuals join the ranks of top insurance and financial professionals. Visit to learn more.

The Partners Advantage Brokerage Team can be reached at 888-251-5525, Ext. 700 for more information.

For financial professional use only. Not to be used for consumer solicitation purposes.

*Production results gathered from January-June 2016. Not all financial professionals in attendance experienced the same results and there is no guarantee of future success. The information provided is for your own practice management purposes and education.

Becoming a member of The PILLAR System may be dependent on various factors including but not limited to production requirement and "PILLAR" carrier contracts placed with Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC. Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC reserves the right to change the requirements of the PILLAR System at their discretion. Results may vary, this communication does not constitute an offer or guarantee. Participating agents will need to be properly licensed and may be subject to screening. Participating agents must adhere to all federal and state compliance and market conduct standards. Additional terms and conditions to be set forth in an agent agreement between Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC and the agent. 

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