Thursday, September 28, 2017

Underwriting: Commercial or Private?

By Lisa Morris, VP of Underwriting and Development at Partners Advantage

Aviation consideration can fly in many directions (pun intended). However, the basis of consideration rests on experience and safety standards. Private pilots that are adequately trained and fly enough to stay abreast of the activity have greater opportunities at preferred consideration. Also, commercial pilots who fly on a schedule or if non-scheduled but have the same safety standards as scheduled flights, can also be considered at preferred. Well, what can cause a rating? The most popular areas that result in ratings involve the following:
  1. Not flying enough per year (not familiar enough)
  2. Flying too much per year (increased chance of accidents)
  3. Hazardous activity such as helicopter flying, fire/emergency flying or air traffic control
  4. Experimental or Acrobat flying
In addition, a person’s medical history can affect aviation assessment. In this case, consideration of an aviation exclusion can be utilized. However, remember that a claim may be questioned if the applicant crashed due to an infarct (heart attack) while flying. In other words, you’d be faced with the infamous struggle of who came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in an aviation case, which came first, the crash or the infarct. 

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