Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The PILLAR Great 8 Boot Camps Coming to California and Texas-ONE DAY ONLY!

Partners Advantage wants to give you a pre-launch head start to the
The PILLAR System content via PILLAR Great 8 Boot Camps!

The PILLAR System is a proven cutting-edge marketing, sales and client fulfillment program for growing and thriving in the new era of insurance. The system is made up of six pillars, and we will be covering five of those at the PILLAR Great 8 Boot Camps.  This will include the heavily anticipated seminar component that will be presented as if it was an actual client seminar! Our approach broadens confidence in many areas of sales, marketing and client services. Reserve your seat today!

Let us get you registered! Please reach out to your Partners Advantage Brokerage Team at 888-251-5525, Ext. 700.

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