Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sampling of the consumer-ready educational material for Annuity Awareness Month

Partners Advantage focuses on "Education That Causes Sales." While much of that is focused on the financial professional, in JUNE we have brought together consumer-ready resources for National Annuity Awareness Month.Here's sampling of the consumer-ready educational materials:
  • Plugging the Retirement Income Gap - article and presentation
  • ABC's of Annuities Video
  • The Cost of Waiting
  • Retirement Strategies Workbook
  • Protect Your Retirement Assets
  • Tips to Save for Retirement
As more people become aware of fixed indexed annuities, it gives financial professionals the opportunity to share details about the products. It shows the importance of being transparent and ethical. Clients need to be aware of all fees, interest, and guaranteed* income payments from the start.

When this is done, it becomes easier to maintain a happy annuity base and allows you to increase the number of satisfied annuity clients. They are happy because informed retirement decisions are being made.

Partners Advantage has a library of consumer-ready articles, videos and resources you can use to educate your clients during National Annuity Awareness Month and beyond.

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