Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tips on Communicating Effectively with Women Clientele

By: Vanessa González, Internal Wholesaler, Partners Advantage Insurance Services

Have you ever wondered what percentage of your clients feel underserved, or if they have considered finding a new financial professional? Did you know that there are millions of household decision-makers in the United States needing financial guidance and solutions, but don’t know who they can turn to? 

Today, more and more women are a large part of a rising generation with high income potential that are beginning to save for retirement, looking for life insurance, and long-term care planning. As a financial professional, what are you doing to help? The women’s market has a lot of untapped potential and is a great opportunity for you.

Why isn’t there a better connection between women and their financial professional? The answer is SIMPLICITY. Yes, just keep it simple. If you can provide your women clients with the personal attention and coaching they need to achieve their goals, not only will you gain their trust, but you’ll benefit from their loyalty. Additionally, a happy client would most likely become a source of referrals.

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