Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Experience the Advantage with Partners Advantage

Experience the Advantage
We Make Growing Business Easy.SM

Why Partners Advantage?
Partners Advantage focuses on providing added value to independent financial professionals and agencies through training, specialty services, enhanced case support and business planning. In addition, each of our contracted agents receive an assigned Brokerage Director and New Business Case Manager that can help the agent with their training and cases’ status. Partners Advantage represents some of the best insurance companies in the United States, with distribution contracts with over 50 major insurance carriers. Our current office locations are in Florida and New Jersey, while the main office is located in Riverside, CA.  

As our economy and industry continues to change, Partners Advantage provides you with leadership, resources and exceptional customer service to continue to grow your business. Together, we can adapt to change and thrive in this changing environment.

How do we "make growing business easy"? 
We accomplish this with our cutting-edge sales technology, vast experience and expansive growth via mergers and acquisitions; providing new growth opportunities within the industry; and our training and education first philosophy. We put what we've learned from our many years in the financial services industry to work by helping financial professionals and agencies to innovate, expand and thrive.

There’s all of this and much more to help YOU better serve your clients! Partner with us and strive to achieve our VISION of keeping American families protected and secured throughout every stage of life.

If you would like to PARTNER with us, please contact our Partners Advantage 
Relationship Coordinating Team at 888-251-5525, ext. 389.

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