Thursday, December 22, 2016

Years of Testing and Proven Sales Results - Lead to Unveiling of the Partners Advantage PILLAR System

By: Charlie Gipple, CLU®, ChFC® 
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing,
Partners Advantage

The PILLAR System is coming! PILLAR is an acronym for: Partners In Life, Long-term care And Retirement.  It is a full system of professionally designed, client-ready materials and training to explain how to make it work for you. In short, this is a vehicle (a package) that takes all of the PROVEN content that I have tested throughout my career, that Partners Advantage has tested, that MDRT-level financial professionals have taken from us and tested, to help financial professionals who work directly with Partners Advantage deploy this content to generate more sales. It is a client education system, a seminar system and also a complete sales system.  

The PILLAR System was developed as a result of an epiphany I had on an airplane when I was analyzing some hugely successful sales results that we have experienced in 2016. While analyzing the numbers, I realized the education we provided to the financial professionals though our eight-hour road shows created really impressive results!  The data shows that financial professionals increased their annuity business by 72% shortly after the road shows and their linked benefits business by 143%.  I was also looking at numbers on client seminars that I've done for some of our top financial professionals that said the seminars were getting 60%-80% appointment ratios.  So, in short, I realized, and I already knew, that what we do at the financial professional level works and what we do at the client level works.  We know the training for financial professionals works and the client materials work, so how do we connect the two together? We created the PILLAR System to do this - Partners In Life, Long-term care And Retirement. This proprietary system brings it all together and it is only available to financial professionals working with Partners Advantage. This system is, packaging world-class content in an easy-to-use format all the way from educating yourself as a financial professional to deploying that content with your clients.

Stay Tuned...the PILLAR System is coming early in 2017!

For financial professional use only. Not for use with consumers.

*Production results gathered from January-June 2016. Not all financial professionals in attendance experienced the same results and there is no guarantee of future success. The information provided is for your own practice management purposes and education.

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