Thursday, December 29, 2016

How the PILLAR System is Designed for Seasoned, Successful Financial Professionals

By: Charlie Gipple, CLU®, ChFC® 
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Partners Advantage

The Partners Advantage PILLAR System (Partners In Life, Long-term care And Retirement) is a system that packages all of the proven content that I have tested throughout my career, that Partners Advantage has tested, that MDRT-level financial professionals have taken from us and tested, and brings it all together to help financial professionals who work directly with Partners Advantage deploy this content to generate more sales. It is a client education system, a seminar system and also a complete sales system.  

Here's how it is designed to help top financial professionals. First, the PILLAR System material covers the spectrum from simple to complex.  The complex being more aligned with the needs of top financial professionals.  This material covers topics such as behavioral finance and how to overcome some of the 117 biases that may exist in the consumer’s mind. It also covers educational information on how indexed products are hedged and how insurance companies approach the overall process. It covers advanced sales strategies, legacy planning, and many other areas.

Secondly, it provides world-class client-facing material, all of which has been professionally created for you. This is nice because the top professional doesn’t always have time to create important educational materials.  This system provides it.

A third key point is that many of the best financial professionals I have known are great at speaking with clients one-on-one.  But, I do know a few that are not great in front of a room full of people.  For these financial professionals, if they can fill a room, I would volunteer myself for speaking with their clients in a seminar or one of our great speakers at Partners Advantage.

The fourth key to this system is accountability.  I used to use a personal trainer.  I didn’t use this personal trainer because I thought he knew more about lifting weights than I did.  I used him because of accountability!  When you have somebody you are accountable to, you tend to perform very well.  We want to be your accountability coach as well.  Regardless of how motivated an individual is, there can always be an accountability coach.

There is much more you need to learn about the PILLAR System and what it can offer you. Contact your Partners Advantage Brokerage Director today, to ask for more information: 888-251-5525, Ext. 700.

For financial professional use only. Not for use with consumers.

*Production results gathered from January-June 2016. Not all financial professionals in attendance experienced the same results and there is no guarantee of future success. The information provided is for your own practice management purposes and education.

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