Thursday, May 26, 2016

Partners Advantage is Committed to Best in Class Service for the agents and agencies we serve across the country

Here's a few examples on how We Make Growing Business EasySM

I have had the opportunity to work with numerous underwriters, over the 28 years I have been in business, however, very rarely have I had the privilege of working with someone that caliber, that sets high standards, like your employee, Ryann. Not only is she "AVAILABLE and WILLING" to help in each and every case...her knowledge is ever-expanding to look for ways to help us, as agents in every way. It use to be, when I heard a complex case, or serious medical history of a prospect. I moved on to the next client, however, thanks to Partners Advantage having Ryann at my side, I now have the tools I need to go that extra mile, and underwrite every case...resulting in BETTER SERVICE and MORE INCOME for our agency.

Michael is fantastic! He goes above and beyond in dealing with my complicated cases/agents. He is extremely helpful and always replies in a timely manner. Even if he doesn't have an answer right then, he lets me know he's working on it, what he's done so far to get an answer, and what he plans to do. He is just SO great! I love working with him.

As a new agent some of my issues have been very simple things that I should have known. I appreciate that Cynthia has never made me feel like a burden but she has always seemed happy to assist!

I am very surprised to have a representative that is not only knowledgeable but she provided me with superior customer service. Customer service is a difficult service to find in any industry nowadays. Thank you for hiring professionals that care and are interested in helping. Hopefully this is a reflection of management's ability to take care of their employees.

By far RyAnn has been the best resource I've experienced at Partners Advantage. She goes above and beyond the scope of a typical underwriter or case manager in assisting us in capturing sales. Thanks for making her available to us.

I have only dealt with Cathy via email. She is quick to respond to any question, and provides a solution and also continues to follow up with my cases. With Cathy on my case, I know she will diligently monitor it with the carrier and correspond with me quickly.

What a pleasure to interact with Shari who is so professional, cordial and thorough. She is and will continue to be a credit to the Partners Advantage team.

Angela has always been so much help for us. Whenever we have any questions, or issues she has been a huge help. I cannot say enough about how helpful she is - thank you.

We look forward to providing you "best in class" service on your next case. Please contact the Partners Advantage Brokerage Team at:
888-251- 5525, Ext. 700.

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