Thursday, April 28, 2016

Helping Businesses Succeed in the "New Normal"

By: Bill Jackson J.D., CLU®

Things can happen quickly in the modern business world. The problem is most business owners are focused on the day-to-day activities that contribute to the bottom line. Many of these people list protecting their business, reducing its tax exposure, providing for retirement, and succession planning as key concerns, but there appears to be a disconnect between these concerns and actual planning. Some of these same businesses provide health plans and other employee benefits, but have failed to address the concerns mentioned above.

Most businesses, even those of medium-size, do not have an in-house employee focused on organizational protection, tax exposure, retirement and succession planning. Their other advisors, CPAs and Attorneys, are often generalists focused on tax returns and contract review. It is no wonder that with all of the other pressing business issues, these critical concerns go unaddressed.

Enter the financial professional, armed with specialized concepts and funding alternatives and a desire to help repair this disconnect. We are not talking about replacing the clients’ other advisors, rather we include them in the process. The financial professional can provide the impetus to consider proven alternatives and recommend appropriate funding solutions, such as:
  • Repurposed Entity Buy-Sell (for retirement)
  • Non-Equity Cross-Purchase Split Dollar Plan
  • Key-Person Plan Repurposed to a Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan
  • Focused Benefit Plan
Learn more about these solutions and how they can heal the disconnect and help business owners protect and continue their businesses in a tax-efficient manner, while carefully addressing one of our most pressing societal concerns, retirement.   Read the full article: “Helping Businesses Succeed in the ‘New Normal’” by Bill Jackson, senior advanced markets consultant at Partners Advantage, which first appeared in the April Broker World magazine.
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