Monday, August 26, 2013

Underwriting ‐ Packaging the Perfect Gift

Have you ever received a gift that included everything? If you wanted a new suit, you received not only the suit but also the shirt, tie, shoes and socks. A complete package that doesn’t require additional inquiring, gathering or piecing together!

That’s the same dream and desire of a carrier underwriter when a receiving a case for the initial review. By providing complete, pertinent medical records with all concerns addressed and clarified, you give the underwriter the gift of not having to ask additional questions, gather extra information or piece together a view of its mortality risk. In essence, an underwriter can make a more accurate assessment in a timely manner and many times a more positive assessment.

Each time an underwriter reviews the same case, positive assessment of the case decreases by 20‐25%.
WHY? Because underwriters see an average of 40‐70 case items per day and usually the easiest way to
remember details is to remember those items that are most pertinent to the assessment….the

An ideal workday for an underwriter involves reviewing cases that they can make final decisions putting
business on the books. Once an underwriter routinely receives complete and explained information on
cases submitted from a producer, the wall of suspicion lowers and the bridge of comfort lights a path of
positivity and trust. The result….a better assessment with improved time service. In other words, you’ve
got the Advantage….and what an advantage that is! In conjunction with your submission, you have
access to the Partners Insurance Underwriting Advantage to aid you in your “gift‐wrapping” needs with
the right cover letter wrap, complete records inside topped off with the perfect underwriting angle bow.
Now shouldn’t everyday feel like a gift‐giving day! Read full article here.

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